Top Column Filter

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Bioceramic Postfilter

Bioceramic cartridges contains specially selected balls from natural turmaline minerals which is emitting FIR (Far Infrared Rays) having extremely beneficial properties.Firstly it strenghtens...

Carbon Block Cartridge 10"

Contains a single block of activated carbon from compressed coconut sells. This structure enables longer contact between water and the cartridge, ensuring top quality purfication. Coal block...

Carbon Postfilter

Cartridge contains granular activated carbon.

    • Improves water taste and smell.
    • Removes, chlorine, lead and toxic heavy metals pesticides, detergents and...

Mineral Postfilter

Cartridge contains natural mineralising dolomite

  • Adds beneficial minerals, increases pH
  • and improves the taste of filtrated water.

Sediment Postfilter

Cartridge contains polypropylene yarn

  • Removes sand, rust, river mud, fluvial silt, pollen, carbon dust and other precipitates.

Sediment PP 10" Cartridge

They are made of polypropylene fiber meltblown sputter method.The high density allows to eliminate the deposits of impurities ranging in size from 50 to 1 micron. They are resistant to chemicals...

Sediment YARN Cartridge 10"

The high density allows to eliminate from water the impurities in size of 100 to 1 micron. They are resistant to chemicals and bacteria. They are designed for 10” housing for domectic water...