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In a world full of choices, we all get flooded by low-price, low-quality products. New things can break in our hands only a few days after purchase. It is becoming harder and harder to find good quality products like „in the good old days”. Quality deterioration has reached the clothes we wear, the cosmetics we use, the food we eat. Quality deterioration reaches our inner selves. Quality deterioration reaches our health.

At the same time the Earth gets polluted at pace never seen before. People develop new pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, all kinds of chemicals and introduce them into the environment without realizing the consequences. Much of these substances flow into rivers or underground water sources, polluting them in a way which is impossible to treat by conventional water treatment plants.

Water is the source of our lives. We, humans, are in about 70% composed of water which is replaced completely every 30 days. How can we make sure that it is pure water of highest quality?

Filtering water at the point of use is the easiest, cheapest and most reasonable solution to access pure drinking water of the highest quality. At Wasserhaus Deutschland GmbH we have been dealing with drinking water filters since 1990's. We started as a small shop. Understanding our customers’ needs and drinking water problems allowed us to grow into one of the biggest advanced water filters retailers in Germany. Over more than 20 years we have learned about water quality problems in Europe, East and North Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America. We have also learned that a reliable drinking water filter is a widely underestimated way of improving people’s lives. We came to believe that people’s health should not be compromised for financial benefits. Quality deterioration cannot dominate in drinking water! Uncompromising German quality and German mentality allowed our experienced engineers to select the most reliable technologies and create two lines of Platinum Wasser water filters: ULTRA, which aim to provide possibly the purest and healthiest water in the world.


Our mission is to allow everybody to enjoy a glass of pure and healthy Platinum Wasser!


Platinum Wasser ULTRA line aims to maintain low cost without compromising on water quality. Carefully selected and individually manufactured components, only virgin raw materials without harmful additives allow us to provide a reliable German quality product of the highest standard confirmed by TUV Safety, hygienic and BPA free certificates. Platinum Wasser ULTRA is a reasonable and affordable solution for markets where options are limited to Chinese and Taiwanese water filters of questionable quality. We at Wasserhaus Deutschland GmbH aim to share our engineering capabilities and drinking water filtration experience with the world through the products whose quality is unparalleled in their price range worldwide.

We at Wasserhaus Deutschland GmbH are proud of our engineers, who managed to create low-price, high-quality Platinum Wasser ULTRA water filters as the best option for price-sensitive customers, as the smartest choice for customers looking for the highest quality and health boosting solutions in drinking water.


Materials are free from BPA


Quality product made in Europe


Eco friendly and low carbon footprint


European guarantee


Detailed quality control passed


Reliable company for 20 years