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Earth is called the blue planet. It's because of the seas and oceans that cover almost 3/4 of our globe's surface. But the vast majority of water on Earth is salty. Only 3% of the resources are freshwater, 70% of which is trapped in glaciers. This means that water available for drinking is only 1% of the world's water resources. Over one billion people have no access to drinking water. Mainly suffer inhabitants from the Africa and Asia. Every year over one million children die from diarrhea and other diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated water or the lack of access to sanitary facilities. In other regions, drinking poor quality water causes conditions such as dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis among others. Every day, millions of women and children devote hours to wandering for water, which is often of very poor quality, but they have no choice. We rarely think that drinking water is a valuable resource. Meanwhile its deficit may be the most serious problem in the world. The resources of safe to drink water are shrinking rapidly, while on Earth are more people who have more needs.


The demand for water is growing at a tremendous pace, as there are more and more of us. Earth is inhabited by almost 7 billion people, and in 2050 this number will exceed 9 billion. The increase in demand also results from an increase in the standard of living, changes in the type of food consumed and an increase in energy production. Often, we do not realize how much water is needed to produce, for example, our dinner. For the production of 1 kg of beef you need about 15,000 l of water, for comparison 1 kg of poultry is about 4,000 l. One cup of coffee means consumption of 140 l of water, for comparison, a cup of tea 30 l of water. Meanwhile, the amount of water, remains at the same level. Among the effects of global warming are floods and droughts, which cause that more communities will not have access to water.

Our mission is to enable people to filter and purify water at home, when and where it is needed and in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

Water filtration by reverse osmosis is a well proven technology developed for space exploration which exploits nature's principle of osmotic pressure in a reversed manner using water pressure to purify water through a semi-permeable membrane. RO purifies the water from biological and chemical contamination without adding any chemicals. Worldwide more and more people are using water filters to purify water to the highest quality when and where it is needed. Our contribution is targeted to provide high quality water filters from Germany for producing safe drinking water at affordable costs at people's homes.

The American consumes an average of 500 liters of water per day, and the poorest inhabitants of developing countries often only 5-10 liters. It is as much as we use with one pull of flush.

Without food, a person can survive for a month, and without water, only three days.


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