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Platinum Wasser is a brand of innovative water filters. Their construction is based on the most modern technological solutions used in the production of water treatment systems. Our filters are characterized by exceptional durability and reliability. The German Platinum Wasser brand products supply water of the highest quality. And the one crystally clear and optimally mineralized is an inherent component of a well-balanced diet. For those who care for health and value high quality, we recommend certified filter systems from the Platinum Wasser brand.


activated carbon

A high-quality deposit of activated carbon enables rapid absorption of pollutants. It is possible due to the unique structure of grains that purify water. The specification of used substances allows the removal of organic impurities and chlorine. Additionally, thanks to its properties, the active carbon cartridge clarifies water and improves its taste and smell.

mechanical filtration

Also known as pre-filtration or sedimentation. In this process particles such as sand, river slime, mud, rust, pollen, microorganisms, coal dust, etc. are removed from water. We use the highest quality polypropylene for the production of Platinum Wasser cartridges, which ensures exceptional filtration efficiency and security.


It involves enriching purified water with elements needed for the proper functioning of the human body. Completely natural deposit guarantees optimal water saturation in calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The right proportion of minerals in water gurantees its perfect taste once purified by the Platinum Wasser system.

permeate pump

It is a pump, mounted in filtration systems with a water tank, that does not need electric power. Its operation reduces the amount of waste water that goes directly to the sewage system and accelerates the time of filling the tank. It is an excellent solution for systems installed in locations with low pressure of water.


Bioceramic balls are made of selected ceramic clay, which is produced from tourmaline - natural mineral with a crystal structure. Ceramic tourmaline balls emit FIR (Far Infrared Rays) which will put the water molecules in resonance. The FIR waves reduce the durability of clusters of water molecules, what strenghtens their absorbtion. As a result, it improves taste of water as well as its impact on the human body:

  • improves metabolism,
  • increases the solubility of oxygen,
  • eliminates negative ions - stimulates the immunological system,
  • increases wettability of water and its ability to form emulsions.

The deposit used in the cartridge prevents the growth and multiplication of bacteria. This unique feature of the cartridge ensures safety and comfort of the filter usage.


The water flowing through the cartridge is saturated with hydrogen. Due to this fact, it acquires a negative oxidation and reduction potential. The antioxidants contained in water "catch" free radicals from the body, which disrupt the proper functioning of the human body and accelerate aging. Water with a negative redox potential:

  • supports the proper functioning of cells,
  • reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, atherosclerotic and Alzheimer's diseases,
  • prevents skin diseases and rheumatoid arthritis,
  • protects cells from changes related to harmful environmental factors.

It is a type of membrane that removes impurities up to 0.1 μm from the water, including most bacteria. This is a perfect solution for people having limited space (ultrafiltration does not require a tank).


Cartridge with softening deposit. Its properties reduce water hardness. That makes devices using filtered water to be protected against scale deposition. Softened and purified water ensures longer life of household appliances.

booster pump

The pump increasing water pressure in the molecular filter. Its flow is 1.2 l / min and the maximum working pressure is 8 bars.

uv lamp

The lamp having antibacterial properties. It is mounted in molecular filtration systems and provides additional protection against microorganisms. In combination with the ultrafiltration membrane, it provides complete protection against microorganisms.

molecular membrane

Membrane mounted in filtration systems of the Platinum Wasser brand. It consists of several thin layers, connected together in a spiral scroll. The semi-permeable material that the membrane is made of is an excellent barrier to organic and inorganic contaminations as well as heavy metals, radioactive and toxic elements and carcinogenic chemicals present in water. Currently, it is the most effective and the most efficient method of water treatment.

water structurisation

The water after the filter is pre-cleaned of all mechanical and chemical impurities. Then it is subjected to a process that affects physical properties of water - structuring its particles. Water gains better irrigation properties in comparison to tap water and thus structured water supports the transport of nutrients to the human body cells. The overall action helps in metabolic processes and removal out harmful metabolic products.