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NEO6 Filter


Molecular Water Filtration System based on reverse osmosis with a 3-stage prefiltration and two post-filter cartridges. Water Filter Neo 6 contains a mineralization cartridge filled with natural (mined, grinded and sieved) calcite (CaCO3). Calcite dissolution in water is regulated by the pH and its equilibrium with the carbon dioxide.


  • European raw materials
  • Twist-in technology
  • No any additional tools needed for cartridges replacement
  • Cartridge replacement only with Platinum Wasser Neo products
Operating temperature
2-38 C
Operating pressure
2,2-6,0 Bar
Maximum TDS
1500 ppm
Maximum chlorine concentration
0,3 ppm
Operating pH
2-11 pH
Salt rejection
75 GPD
500 mm
350 mm