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ULTRA3 Filter


Filtration system making use of reverse osmosis to produce watersuitable for aquariums. Filtered water shows a high level of purity, demineralisation and sign of overall hardness. Such water can be used to prepare the desired composition for every type of aquarium. System has various usage options, can filter water before sensitive equipment, laboratory machines and can be used as a kitchen filter as well.


  • the most economical model of high quality filters
  • can be used for drinking water and technical use
  • protects aquarium equipment from scale and mechanical impurities
  • small dimensions
  • produces crystal clean water and removes chlorinewhich is harmful for fish
  • tank-less filter system
360x200x100 mm
Operating temperature
2-38 C
Operating pressure
2,2-6,0 Bar
Maximum TDS
1500 ppm
Feed water pH limits
Maximum chlorine concentration
0,3 ppm
Operating pH
2-11 pH
Salt rejection
75 GPD or 284 Liters